Watercolour Butterflies Tattoo

Watercolour Butterflies Tattoo

by India Makinucci

Our artists at The Tattoo Society can create a one of a kind tattoo that is similar to this one but, tailored specifically to you, resulting in a personalized design that is both beautiful and meaningful. Just use the contact form below to contact us.

India specialises in the following Tattoo styles:

India Makinucci guest artist at The Tattoo Society


India Makinucci

India is a frequent Guest artist at the Tattoo Society Liverpool.

India works all around the world and her style of tattooing is unique and highly sort after, she combines elements of Fine Line, Dot-Work and Ornamental to make very distinct tattoos.

Get in touch with India to discuss your Tattoo Ideas and she will work with you to design something unique!