Tattoo Style – Realism

Realism tattoo style is a tattoo style that involves creating highly detailed, lifelike images. These tattoos are typically done in black and grey or in colour, and are meant to closely resemble the subject of the tattoo.

Realism tattoos are created using a tattoo machine and are done using a high level of detail and shading. The artist will carefully blend and layer different shades of ink to create the desired level of realism.

Realism tattoos can be done in a variety of subjects, including portraits of people or animals, landscapes, and more. They are often highly personalized and can be used to memorialize a loved one or to celebrate an important event or achievement.

If you’re interested in getting a realism tattoo, it’s important to choose an artist who is skilled in this style and has experience doing realism tattoos. It’s also a good idea to bring reference photos or a clear idea of what you want to the artist to ensure that you get the tattoo you desire.